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The Good Egg
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The Good Egg Wichita Reviews

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"The Good Egg offers a huge variety of breakfast items…"

I’m a huge breakfast fan, so I love places like this. The Good Egg offers a huge variety of breakfast items, all of which come in pretty good sized portion and quality, but some items seem a bit pricey. I would definitely choose this place over a franchise breakfast place but I have also found a few other good local spots.

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- Trace K.

"Husband and I really enjoy eating at The Good Egg!"

Husband and I really enjoy eating at The Good Egg!  We have been there several times and the food and service are very consistent. The menu is huge, for those who are first timers, it will take you a while to read through each item if you don’t have an idea of what you want (eggs, pancakes, etc.) I enjoy the Farmers Garden Delight Omelet. I get it nearly every time I go here.  Husband usually orders something new each time and has never “disliked” anything he has ordered.

I feel the prices are fair, but last weekend we brought our three year old and when looking at the kids menu, found that the prices were a bit steep. However, they do provide a lot (I mean A LOT) of food for the kids meal, I would rather see reduced portions with reduced prices.  Next time we go and bring our munchkin with us, she will just be eating off our plates.

Last thing to mention, I tried the pancakes for the first time, and OMG they were the best I ever had! It was like a pancake/angel food cake. You did not even need syrup to eat these. Oh and they were HUGE!

The Good Egg is one of our favorite places to dine.

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- Sara W.